Transitioning Veterans and their Spouses

Transition-an act or process or  instance of changing from one state, form, activity or place to another.

Change can be exciting but many times daunting. Tina Roberts, Manivst Broker/CEO is a proud US Veteran who understands the challenges that Veterans and their families face after serving in the military.  The Manivst Consulting team (Veteran to Veteran) promises to partner with the Veteran and their families to embark on this endeavor with the same strength and courage that  the Veteran exhibited while in services to our country.  Through workshops, support groups and one on one employment preparation, the transitioning Veteran will again conquer this new life called being a Civilian.

Make an Investment In Yourself 

Seasoned Professionals

Seasoned-mature, ripen or condition to suitable conditions, as by aging; To make capable or fit through trial and experience.  Professional-engaged in a specified activity as a career; not an amateur.

Are you Retired or downsized with many years of invaluable experience and education under your belt?  The over 50 population is the fastest growing segment of the current workforce. These seasoned  professionals can continue to be consistent high producing professionals for many more years with the assistance of the Manivst Consulting team. 


When  great client services still matter.

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